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Thursday, 3 February 2011

Science among the ancients

In light of previous articles on this blog, in which I believe I have provided good and solid evidence that assumed Qur'anic prediction of modern science incorporates nothing but pre-Islamic conjecture, I have to notify the reader on a particular book:

Evidence of Greek philosophical concepts in the writings of Ephrem the Syrian, By Ute Possekel

Almost the entire work of Possekel can be read on amazon books:

This book is amazing and reveals the variaty and indepth matter, circulating within the very complicated debates occuring between pre-islamic scientists. Kind of refutes even further, the Islamic position that the Qur'an brought us highly developed science out of a societal vaccum, a civilization simply bursting with ignorance.

Considering the time and scientific development, that was certainly not the situation of the pre-Islamic era.

God willing there is more to come.

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