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Sunday, 17 January 2010

Reply to Osama Abdallah's refutation of my post: The Qur'an, cosmological pairs and gender in plants: Conclusion: Abdallah totally failed

I am starting a new thread here since Osama Abdallah responded to my post on: The Qur'an, cosmological pairs and gender in plants:

Osama replies by saying that he has written an entire article to refute me. However, reading his articles he does not deal with the issues I have raised in my post.

Either Osama has not read my post, or he is playing games.

Below is the response of Abdallah and beneath it my reply to his response:

Osama Abdallah wrote:

Hogan Elijah,

Since you made the challenge directly to me, then I have the right to respond to it on this board, and silence your blasphemy, if the owner of this board is not a liar.

Your nonsense is debunked in great details in my new article that I wrote especially for you at:

Islam remains the Divine Truth from GOD Almighty, and your false religion of "CONJECTURE" ( as Allah Almighty declared it to be in Noble Verses 4:156-159 remains a man-made false religion.

I (Hogan respond to Abdallah):


This is becoming more and more funny. This is the second time I respond to the same response on this particular post.

So here we go, once again:

Your rebuttal is not even dealing with the point I raised in my post.

I raised the point that you have claimed that these scientific assumptions were unknown to the people prior to Islam.

This is a complete lie!

As I have pointed out: that everything created in pairs and gender in plants were concepts flourishing among the Jews and Greek prior to Islam. I even posted the references.

This is was the point of my post.

I did not argue whether every detail in the universe functiones in pairs or whether plants have gender; if you read my post again you will notice that I emphasised:

if these are facts of science, is the Qur'an then presenting us with a miracolous statement?

The answer is no, since these concepts existed prior to Islam.

Whatever Osama Abdallah brings up in response to my reply, I will post it on this thread, unless he is willing to post his responses on both blogs.

Note however, that Abdallah has not touched the issue I raised in the blog.

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  1. He didn't even halfway refute it.there are still many creatures that have no pairs and are exclusively female.